8 Top SEO Secrets You Should Know

The secret to developing the best performing online brand lies in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills. Good SEO skills place you at an advantaged position over your competition. Just like any other skills, your SEO skills need polishing and I will take you through the necessities of doing it. Have a look at the following 8 Secrets on SEO skills worth knowing.

1. Use the Basics Correctly

Before you get into complex fundamentals on SEO, you have to get the basics absolutely correct. In doing this, you should focus on the following:

  • You need a business account- Correct your personal account if need be but have one.
  • Choose a username that is SEO friendly- Go for something searchable
  • Make sure your profile is fully optimized for preformance.
  • Create a working board- You can decide on one, as long as it’s in place.

It’s always important to have a profile that explains more about you or your brand. The About you segment should be well written. You have to consider this important because it’s what promotes your brand. Most customers would like to be part of a product with history.

2. Set up your Website

In doing this, you are required to put the following parameters into place so that you effectively promote your Google ranking.

  • Setup the Pinterest tag to help you convert events on the site
  • Setup the save link which users can use to save images
  • You will also be required to verify the site details

You have to prove the content of the Website to make sure that the images and profile information are fully updated. You might be required to add some HTML code to achieve this.

3. Set Realistic Business Goals

You need to understand your business and realise what you can or cannot do. What do you want to achieve? The goals are very important in running the business. For example, if you want to make good sales, you need to listen to your customers. You should not take complains for granted. You should be able to identify them and enforce the solution if possible on the site. To effectively plan for the business, you need to review the historic records. How did you perform then? Such questions will help you evaluate your development and you will be able to tell if you are on course or not. You should be able to achieve your business goals if they are realistic.

4. Research on the Keyword

You can’t expect to have a higher Google or Yahoo ranking if you don’t prioritise in having a good keyword or key phrase. The following tips should help you decide on the right keyword to enforce.

  • You can use guided search results on Pinterest and compare
  • Put theAdWords to evaluation and see what turns out.
  • Get to explore more topic options relevant to your business

If you are able to do the above three, then you can settle easily on the right keyword. It has to be market driven and easy to search.

5. Set up the Boards

You should make sure that the boards are organized and well optimized. The keyword is crucial in setting up the boards. Keywords help you to categorise your brand for easy searching. Your board is the very first thing the site visitor will see the moment they approach your profile. For this reason, you need to fully work on it to achieve the best optimization.

6. Create the Perfect Pinterest

You need to fully understand the anatomy of perfect pins. To achieve this, you need to follow the guides below:

  • Get the pin aspect ratio right- use a ratio of 2:3 if possible
  • Promote colours- Colourful images get more pins
  • Understand the role of each pin- You should add value to the user and don’t just push for sales.

7. Get the Right SEO Description

Your SEO information on Pinterest should be right. Don’t shy off from adding text information to images. You need to entice the customer by telling them all details considered necessary about the product. You need to show them why they should buy your product and the advantage of doing so. You should take advantage of this opportunity and promote your brand. Each time the user clicks on a pin, let them be able to see this.

8. Engage your Customer

The customer has to feel engaged to your brand and this is how you do it:

  • Link to social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  • You can invite relevant Pinterest individuals to come aboard.
  • Insert text on your images as this will help you rank well.

When the customer is engaged, you will surely see the good returns of SEO skills.  The customer should always come first in your marketing campaign.

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