Complimentary Website Design with Any of Our Hosting Plans

For a Limited Time You Could Save up to 50% Off Our Plans. Website Rabbit emerges as the top choice for small business, offering more than just hosting. Our all-inclusive packages encompass free website design, complimentary updates, ongoing maintenance, a free security certificate, and initial SEO optimization.


$ 67 per month
  • Explore our Presence Package, crafted for small businesses and call centers. Enjoy reliable hosting, 99.98% uptime, SSL security, and a ChatGPT-powered AI assistant for solid informational websites and lead-collecting landing pages.


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$ 97 per month
  • Our eCom Package takes it a step further, enabling online payments for shops. In addition to the Presence Package features, it offers faster merchant integration, secure hosting, and access to advanced AI tools for image and audio enhancement.


$ 297 per month
  • Empower your business with the Interactive Package—tailored for advanced needs. Build an interactive platform with different features such as member areas, chatbots, and other custom use-cases, all backed by heightened security and additional AI tools.

All plans include bi-yearly redesigns, showcasing our commitment to keeping clients’ websites fresh and aligned with evolving business needs.

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Building a Website for Success

Connect your business to Website Rabbit and use our services to get the job done. With all the leading tech for success in marketing and automation. Website Rabbit platform works with partners and developers globally to build custom websites. We integrate and streamline your work that automates mundane tasks. Our focus is to bring traffic to your website.

Why Choose Website Rabbit?

Choosing Website Rabbit comes with a myriad of compelling reasons, and here are some of the favorites among our valued users:

  1. Stunning Customization: Users love the ability to craft visually stunning and uniquely tailored websites. With Website Rabbit, the possibilities for customization are endless, allowing individuals and businesses to showcase their distinct brand identity effortlessly.

  2. Effortless Build Process: Our users appreciate the simplicity and ease of the website-building process. From the initial concept to the final launch, Website Rabbit ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience, eliminating unnecessary complexities associated with traditional website development.

  3. Dedicated Support: At Website Rabbit, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Users value the dedicated support provided throughout their journey, ensuring they are never alone in navigating the platform, troubleshooting issues, or realizing their vision for an online presence.

  4. All-Inclusive Packages: The convenience of our all-inclusive packages is a standout feature for many users. With Website Rabbit, you get more than just a website. Our packages often include hosting, maintenance, and access to powerful AI tools, streamlining the entire online experience in one comprehensive solution.

  5. Cost-Effective Solutions: Users find Website Rabbit to be a cost-effective solution for their website needs. The value derived from professional design, dedicated developers, and AI tools often surpasses the cost, making it an affordable and smart choice for individuals and businesses alike.

These user-favorite features collectively contribute to Website Rabbit’s reputation as a top-tier platform, offering an unparalleled website-building experience for all.

Features & Benefits
Website Rabbit
Expensive Agencies
Free Website Design
Access to the Latest AI Tools
Built on WordPress
Search Engine Optimzed
Dedicated Developer
Google Certified
Fast and Easy
Free Updates

What They Say About Us

Check out some of our customer reviews.

Yosi Wizman​
Yosi Wizman​
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"Very quick turn around time grate job thank you"​
Walter Meraz​
Walter Meraz​
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"Speechless. The best service I have received in my life. They really know their stuff. Thank you so much."
Landreth MacArthur​
Landreth MacArthur​
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"I use Website Rabbit for all my marketing needs. I use to have ideas now i just click a button and its done."​
Landreth MacArthur​
Landreth MacArthur​
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"I use Website Rabbit for all my marketing needs. I use to have ideas now i just click a button and its done."​
Brandon Collins​
Brandon Collins​
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"I called Website Rabbit last minute to help me with a website that had to be done asap and they took on the project and the site is amazing. Would recommend Website Rabbit to anyone who is looking for a great site at a great price."

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