6 Important Steps in Creating your Perfect Website

Do you want to create your own business Website? Creating a good working Website is not complicated. You can easily do it and I will take you through the process.

  • Choose your Domain Name

This is the first thing that you need to have before anything else. It’s more like your name and that means your identity. How do you want people to identify your brand? It’s however important to know that having a domain doesn’t translate to having a working website. This is just the starting point and there is a lot to do. Getting a domain doesn’t come cheap for you have to pay annual fees, not unless you are on a free online hosting platform. In this regard, you should have some money saved up if you desire an independent working site.

  • Host your Domain

After carefully choosing your domain name, you have to own it. This means registering it. You need to identify the right hosting company and sign up for an account. This is very important as it’s a necessary step in putting your site on search engines such as Yahoo or Google.

  • Create your Webpage

This third step is the backbone of the whole setup. What do you want people see when they click on your Website? You should consider the following:

  1. Get a Web Editor: You can decide to use either commercial or free web editors on the market. They will provide you the skeleton guide on how to design your site. You can always modify what to like or disapprove until you achieve the best results. It’s not easy but you can do it. The free Web Editors are more direct and you just need to use your eyes and click on what suits you. There is always room for later changes and so you should not feel pressured to achieve anything this time.
  2. Seek Web Tutorial Program: If at any time you find it hard to use the web editor, you can always seek online help. There is information on web Design and editing that you should find useful. Creating the webpage is very important if you want to achieve the best search ranking. You have to make your web pages as exciting and engaging as possible. You should be able to like what you see. If not, you need to redo the whole thing. The web page should promote your product and that means more impressive than the competitor’s.
  • Put your Site to Trial

How do you know that your website is functional? Try testing it on Chrome or Mozilla. This will tell you if it’s working as you prefer. You have to make sure that your site is friendly to the web visitor. If you find that there are factors that slow it, you need to remove them. Your site has to engage the customer and so, make it so. If you still want to improve its searching, try test on other browsers such as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Browsers.

  • Set up Payment Links

How do you plan to get paid? If you are dealing with sales, you will get paid on your site. You have to remember that when you are online, the world is watching. For this reason, you need to make sure that you consider customers from all walks of life. You should be able to accept credit cards on your platform or embrace other payment options that are easy to setup such as PayPal. The payment choice should be safe for you and your customers. It should be easy for the customer to set up and send money. You need a payment set up that is quick and convenient. For PayPal, it’s easy to set up and use and thus consider it.

  • Promote your Site

Finally, you need to get your site noticed by the world. After setting the site, you should forward it to Google or Bing. This is to enhance its searching. If your Website is linked to other sites, you don’t need to forward it to the search engine as the customer will still find it. Do not stop here. Try and promote your site through other avenues. For example, you can opt to advertise it on the internet, newspapers and other promotional channels. This will notify interested persons about your brand.


A good site will always be found. You have to make your website as engaging as possible. The above six steps will help you set up your business Website for easy searching. If properly followed, the information will help you improve search ranking and also increase traffic to the site. You have to know what you want and identify what the customer wants so that you can come up to a compromised stand which focuses on the interest of both parties.

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